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Fan Trade Proposals: What would you offer for the Broncos QB Jay Cutler

So you want the Denver Broncos disgruntled QB Jay Cutler? Put your money where your mouth is, err, your offer where your mouth is. Let’s collectively put together a trade package that we can all agree upon and send it over to SB*Nation’s Denver Broncos Blog, Mile High Report. Before you go crazy with ‘ridiculous’ offers as Guru from Mile High Report put it, read what the Broncos fan base expects in return for Cutler:

From Mile High Report:

  • First, while we would prefer a starting QB back, it isn't a necessity. What will be required is an upper-level starter, preferably on defense, in the League.
  • If you are going to include a QB, we have no interest in a player that isn't good enough to start for your team.
  • Draft picks, draft picks, draft picks. We have no interest in the #1 pick and the $40 million in guaranteed dollars that comes with it. You can keep that Detroit. For the rest of you, here is a good place to start. A first-rounder in 2009 and 2010, plus a 2nd- and a 4th-rounder. That's if you give us a starting-caliber player in return.
  • After reading that are you still interested? How about the recent news that Cutler says he can’t believe he is officially on the trade block and that he never wanted out of Denver:

    "I was surprised they decided to trade me this soon. I didn't want to get traded. This wasn't me." – Broncos QB Jay Cutler per multiple sources.

    They want an upper level starter on Defense in return. Notice how they requested an upper level defensive player and not a star? Barrett Ruud is a Star so obviously that’s not the caliber they are seeking or so that’s how I interpret it. That leaves Ronde Barber, Tanard Jackson, and Gaines Adams as potential trade chips. The fans didn’t specify age in their request, but something tells me Ronde Barber would not be an adequate piece in the deal despite his upper level defensive player status. That leaves Free Safety Tanard Jackson and Defensive End Gaines Adams. Simply put, Tanard is a stud right now in this league. I would hate to lose him. Gaines Adams has 12.5 sacks over his first two years in the league. With the addition of Jim Bates as Defensive Coordinator I would hate to lose Adams potential on defense especially considering the replacements we have on the roster…

    In case you missed it due to blurred vision over the trade demands, the Broncos fans also wanted draft picks to go with that upper level defensive player. More specifically they wanted TWO 1st Round Draft Picks, a 2nd Round Pick (from us it would be in 2010), and a 4th Round Pick. Marinate on that for a minute… Still want to trade? Okay, we essentially gave this exact same package for Head Coach Jon Gruden back in the summer of 2001 (Except we gave up two 2nd round picks instead of that 4th round pick, plus boat loads of cash). It netted us a Super Bowl however. After the Super Bowl we struggled mightily to add difference makers via the draft. We could all argue Gruden and Company would have spoiled those picks any way, but let’s keep our eyes on the prize: Jay Cutler…

    I’m inclined to pass on this deal. Number one it’s a freak load to give up for a highly talented, yet seemingly clueless Quarterback. He obviously lacks communication skills and we just cleansed ourselves of a Head Coach like that, why would we add the same personality at the most important position on the field? Not to mention he’s going to want more money when he gets here based on what he’s done in Denver, in other words he hasn’t done jack in Tampa, yet he will want to get paid (see Kellen Winslow). Pass… I know you guys are salivating over him so let’s hear those trade offers!!! Also when do you ever give everything an organization demands in a trade, if you feel they are asking for too much (highly likely) let it be known.