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Guess the NFL's Mr. Irrelevant and WIN Money!

SB*Nation's own NFL Draft Site, Mocking the Draft is holding it's first inaugural Mr. Irrelevant contest! If you're unfamiliar with Mr. Irrelevant, he is the FINAL guy taken in the NFL Draft. Last years Mr. Irrelevant was CB Ramzee Robinson from Alabama, taken by the Detroit Lions. The 255 pick of that Draft. In case you were curious the Buccaneers have Drafted a Mr. Irrelevant of their own: 1993's K Daron Alcorn from Akron. The 224th overall selection that year. He never played in a regular season game for the Bucs.

On to the contest from Mocking the Draft:

The idea is a simple one: Pick the correct final pick in the 2009 NFL Draft and you can win cold, hard, electronically received cash.

Here are the quick rules, for all legalities:

1. One player per person: If you select two, you are disqualified.

2. Once a player is picked by someone else, he cannot be picked again: Make sure to read through the comments. If you pick someone already picked, your pick is disqualified. I'm not going to monitor the picks until after the draft.

3. This costs you nothing: All you have to do, if you're not a member already, join the community. While I'd love it if you stayed around and made more comments, if this is your only comment on MtD, I understand.

4. You must have PayPal: Don't have PayPal? Don't enter. That's the only way I'm delivering the prize.

5. What you win: A rock-solid $20. I know, it's not much. We're in a recession people! Also, it costs you nothing to enter.

6. What else can disqualify you: If we find out you've made multiple acounts just to enter. Selecting after the draft (I'm not that dumb, folks). If your name is Mocking Dan.

Click here to go vote! Good luck! Sorry UNFNOLE, I already took FSU's QB Drew Weatherford, ha!