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Wednesday Night Odds and Ends

  • Think the Bucs are set at Tight End?  Probably so.  Then again, maybe not completely. is reporting that Cleveland State basketball player J'Nathan Bullock will try out for several teams, including the Bucs, at tight end on April 10.  He does have some high school experience as a DE and must be a phenomenal athlete to even get a look at an NFL roster spot.  Still...... just odd to me.
  • Speaking of TE's, our Offensive Coordinator Jeff "Jag-Daddy" Jagozinski explains that the TE position will have a major role in the offense this fall (something we probably already could figure out).  Jags:

"(Tight end) always has been a big part of this offense," he said. "Kellen, I think, does some things with matchups I think we can get that are really going to benefit us this year. We can put him in different spots and move him around to get the matchup that we want. He can get in and out of a cut like a receiver. He’s good. I’m really looking forward to working with him. He’s been great out at practice, asking a lot of questions. . . I came off the field (Monday) saying, ‘I think we have something good there with him.’"

There will be times when Jagodzinski gets Winslow and Stevens into receiving routes on the same play. At least, that's the plan.

"We will do that," Jagodzinski said. "Defenses are going to have to decide whether they’re going to play you in regular personnel, are they going to play nickel. If they play regular, you have Kellen on a linebacker. If you play nickel, then you have the run. They’re going to have to make a decision."

Sounds good in theory, until you face a front 4 that can shut you down and go nickel or mix up their coverages well like the Steelers and Ravens do.  They can show a man coverage look and drop into a zone blitz or shade a DB underneath in Kellen's zone (since Clayton's a low receiving threat) and give the LB help.  Personally, I'd rather hear how we're going to focus on running the ball first and open up the passing game through play action.  Then again, if McCown is better than we all hope he could be, the passing game could be a pleasant surprise.  All I know right now is that we have a physical interior line and two bruising backs.  Run ball, play action. 

  • Speaking again of TE, Private Winslow didn't work out today, but Raheem insists it was due to personal choice rather than due to injury.  Odd again.  If he's there, why isn't he working out?  Then again, if he is injured, um, it's April, so no big deal.  Jeff Faine sat out due to a minor back injury he claimed he got while lifting. 
  • Kiper still has the Bucs taking Josh Freeman at 19.  God, I just don't get it.  Screw that.  Hell, I'd say consider trading up in front of the Jets and Bears to get Sanchez, as much as he's improved his stock in the past few days, but he'll probably be gone even before then.  The Seahawks, Lions, Jaguars, and most recently the Niners have apparently brought him in and are interested.