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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Voluntary Mini-Camp Day 2

  • Head Coach Raheem Morris on Michael Clayton being brought back:
  • "Michael Clayton hasn't lived up to your expectations, but the reason we signed him back was because he lived up to ours. You go look at pound-for-pound receivers in the league blocking downfield and creating big plays and putting their face on people and being physical, tough and violent. That's Michael Clayton. Does he have a little bit more in the tank? I hope so. I think he does, too." per the Pewter Report

    What’s this talk about having more in the tank? Clayton’s been discussed as an emerging leader in the locker room because he’s one of the longest tenured Bucs on the roster… Um, Clayton’s 26 years old, and will be 27 when the season starts, I HOPE he has more in the tank. It’s no secret I think the Bucs overpaid for a downfield blocker, but I’m slowly resigning myself to what Clayton is. A hit or miss receiver who provides above average blocking when a ball carrier/receiver is down field. I’m okay with that, really I am… ha!

  • Head Coach Raheem Morris on Dexter Jackson’s progress:
  • "Dexter started off the season not so well. He had his helmet taken away from him. He came back and all I've seen him do is work. You want to talk about individual guys, he's been out here every day on his own, in the weight room, running by himself and doing everything he can. He made a big play [yesterday] in practice. I'm excited for Dexter and what he can do." per the Pewter Report

    I’m one of the few Bucs fans that actually liked DJax being taken in the 2nd Round of the Draft last off-season especially after we LOST out on DeSean Jackson. He didn’t get utilized correctly last season; whether that was because he was inept in the return game or couldn’t learn the playbook who knows, but I do know he was a Wide Receiver first in college and returning was a secondary bonus to his pass catching skills. His speed is sorely needed in an offense that does not return Joey Galloway. If the Bucs pass on a speedy receiver in the draft it’s because they still think highly enough of Dexter or Kelly Campbell really turned out to be a good find.

  • Raheem on playing Country Music per Jim Bates request during practice:
  • "It depends on what we look like on defense after a while; you want to cater to your guys. Right now we're going with a little bit of Raheem music. I need a lot of bounce." per the Pewter Report

    I love some country music as much as the next guy, BUT it has no business being played on a football practice field. I remember playing in a basketball summer league my freshman year in high school and we had to travel for tournaments, we would listen to gospel music the entire 30-40 minute stationwagon ride. By the time we got on the court we were practically in self-induced comas. We got hammered, obviously a lack of ability played a key role in us getting beaten, but you put yourself at a disadvantage when you play any sport flat out of the gate. Like I said, I was a freshman so I wasn’t about to speak up. The moral of the story is there are very few country songs you could play that would increase your adrenaline and pump you up for a workout. Good luck with that request Jimbo!

  • Again St. Pete Times Photographer Daniel Wallace comes through with nice photos from Day 2 of Bucs Mini-Camp, be sure to click here to check them out. They consist of some good shots of Aqib Talib play fighting, B.J. Askew giving Raheem Morris a man hug, and Linebackers Coach Joe Barry wearing the most hideous Bucs hat to date (who knew?) and many, many more…
  • I say it every off-season but who wouldn’t buy a Bucs Practice Jersey? I know Puma used to make them back in the day for Eastbay, back when Edgerrin James was a Colt, but it was like a onetime thing. Maybe you wouldn’t buy this version of the practice jersey, but I know you guys would buy the training camp jerseys with the Bucs classic lettering script. The NFL is missing out on extra revenue here, not that it needs it. As a consumer I like options though.