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Quarterback Competition is under way in Tampa

With the absence of QB Brian Griese (Wife’s pregnancy), the competition between Luke McCown and Josh Johnson is underway…

McCown on feeling any different as a potential starter:

"Physically yes, mentally no; I've approached every day the same way that I did when I got here five years ago, that I was going to be the starter. I'm getting the opportunity to prove myself. I'm going to take every chance and opportunity to prove it." per the Pewter Report

Morris on both Quarterbacks:

"Luke has always had a little bit of a swagger to him. A little bit of quiet confidence, it is a little bit of cockiness. He's a quarterback and is supposed to be [like that], so it is just Luke becoming Luke, and Josh becoming Josh to be honest with you. Both of those guys are new in leadership positions. Kind of like I am a little bit. Maybe you guys didn't feel that coming out of me as a defensive backs coach, but now maybe you do feel it coming out of me as a head coach. I hope you feel it coming out of them as players. We've created a competitive environment. [Yesterday] was as competitive as it gets at quarterback. Equal reps I bet they are pretty happy about it. I bet [their[ arms feel it pretty good [today]." per the Pewter Report

I believe this is an honest competition I really do, but most media outlets (St. Pete Times, Tampa Tribune, even the Pewter Report, in this case) treat McCown as the current starter, as if the job is his to lose. Some have even spoke of Johnson as the back-up already. I wonder if this disconnect exists in camp. Raheem said they both got equal reps so if Luke were ‘The Man’ Raheem has a hard way of showing it. I guess I have to remember it’s only April…