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Tampa Bay Buccaneers remaining Salary Cap Space

Buccaneers Off-Season Spending: The Salary Cap for the NFL is at $127 million, the salary floor is at $111 million. The Bucs had $61 million (roughly) in cap space heading into the off-season. That puts them having to spend at minimum $45 million to meet the Salary Floor. They currently have spent:

  • DT Ryan Sims $2 million (re-signed 4 years for $8 million)
  • TE Kellen Winslow $6.66 million (acquired with two years left on a six year $40 million dollar contract)
  • S Will Allen $2 million (re-signed 1 year deal as much as $2.35 million)
  • WR Michael Clayton $5.2 million (re-signed 5 years for $26 million)
  • WR Antonio Bryant $9.88 million (franchise tagged for one season)
  • RB Derrick Ward $4.25 million (signed 4 years for $17 million)
  • K Mike Nugent $? (signed 1 year deal as much as ???)
  • LB Niko Koutouvides $? (signed 1 year deal as much as ???)
  • S Jermaine Phillips $? (length of contract undetermined)
  • TE Jerramy Stevens $? (length of contract undetermined)
  • Needing to spend at the very least $45 million, per the totals above they have spent about $30 million (not counting Nugent/Koutouvides) contracts… That leaves them with another $15 million left to spend (roughly) in order to meet the NFL’s salary floor. This leaves the Bucs with about $31 million left under the cap. The Bucs clearly have a couple moves left to make. It wouldn’t hurt if they attempted to bring in another Cornerback to provide depth, and a safety for the same reason if Sabby is expected to start alongside Tanard. A veteran linebacker (Angelo Crowell?) wouldn’t be bad either considering Ruud is only 25 years old and can’t do it all. We also need a Fullback should Askew not be brought back, to pair with Byron Storer (unless of course they utilize Graham in that role).

    Disclaimer: I majored in Economics, but I’m not an accountant so let me know if you see any discrepancies or if I didn’t include all of the signed players thus far (T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Jonathan Vilma, Jermaine Phillips, Alvin Harper)