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Cutler on the Block, per Denver owner Pat Bowlen

Welp... the other shoe has fallen. Cut away all the bull crap Jay Cutler is now on the trading block, per Denver owner Pat Bowlen. Let the bidding begin. That said, it looks like Jay Cutler will probably get dealt before the draft, which could make the price increase and the bidders manic. Look for the Jets, Vikings, and Lions to be major players in this game. If I had to guess where he ends up, I'd say the Lions have the best package to offer, with 2 first round picks at their disposal and the first pick in each round, which would invariably be higher than the picks in each round of the other teams. This would require a team like the Vikes to do better than the Lions' 20th pick and second round offering (as a hypothetical). In this scenario, the Vikes would have to part with two firsts to better the Lions' package. Plus, the Broncos would probably secretly like to stick it to Cutler by sending him to the poor Lions.

That said, it's time to fuel the Buccaneer rumors again as the Cutler fiasco possibly heads down the stretch. Are you all comfortable with giving the winner of the JJ, McCown, Griese, Akili Smith Josh Freeman (just guestimating here) competition free reign at the QB position for the near future... or is it time to go after Cutler hard? What do you all say?

Kudos to BucsFan021...