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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pre-Season Schedule released

The Buccaneers have released their Pre-Season schedule:

  • Tennessee Titans (Away) August 13th
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (Away) August 20th
  • Miami Dolphins (Home) August 27th
  • Houston Texans (Home) September 3rd
  • Hopefully the Bucs don’t make good on adding another QB, Josh Johnson barely got any reps last Pre-Season imagine the same scenario taking place for QB number four. That was with Jeff Garcia barely getting reps due to nagging injuries. I’m eager to see how the rest of the Wide Receiving Corps shakes out. You got to figure this is Paris Warren’s last shot at making the Roster. Add the competitions at linebacker and along the defensive line and we’ve got a pretty solid Pre-Season to keep tabs on.

    Never mind that we are essentially playing the same exact pre-season schedule from last season, save the Titans…