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Brett Favre had committed to Tampa Bay last off-season before abruptly being traded to the Jets

Posted on behalf of JScott.

Speaking of Brett Favre, the retired Quarterback spoke to the media on Saturday while attending an event at Disney World. He spoke of how he had basically committed to the Bucs last off-season, how the Packers traded him to the Jets without his consent, and how he didn’t want to create a fire storm by rejecting the trade:

"I was very close to being traded to the Bucs. I had basically committed to Tampa. Aside from the Packers, it was a perfect fit, based on the offense. I had already discussed the offensive terminology with then Head Coach Jon Gruden. I was laying down with my 9-year-old, thinking about taking her to her first day of school the next morning when I saw that I was traded on ESPN. I had last say, more or less, but the trigger had been pulled. When the trade was made and it was public news without my knowledge, how could I change my mind? When that was done for me, without my consent, I was like ‘I’m not going to make things any worse’ There had been enough dirt kicked around up to that point." Paraphrased Quotes provided by Rich Cimini of the NYDailyNews

I realize there’s no point in drudging up old news from over a year ago, but a lack of communication stopped the Bucs from acquiring Brett Favre last season. It’s kind of funny in that a lack of communication from Gruden to his players played a hand in him being fired. Had Favre communicated his intentions to play for Tampa to the Packers rather than lay on the floor watching ESPN he could be a Buccaneer right now! What could have been… Oh by the way, Favre said he knows he’ll get that itch to play again…