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Bucs QB Luke McCown is not rattled by Jay Cutler trade attempts

Posted on behalf of JScott.

Remember when the Bucs were pursuing QB Brett Favre last off-season and then QB Jeff Garcia felt slighted by the Bucs attempt to replace him? That same scenario took place this weekend when Jay Cutler was sought after even though Luke McCown is on the roster and poised to become the starter. Does McCown hold any animosity toward the franchise for seeking another QB?

"The stance that I take on it is that if it didn't happen it doesn't matter. Obviously I would understand the circumstances concerning me if a trade like that were to happen, but I think I'm every bit as good as a Jay Cutler. That is just my opinion, and obviously you have to be confident in yourself. As of right now it doesn't affect me and hopefully it won't affect me. They can bring someone in if they want, because I'm going to be doing everything I can to make sure that I win this job." – per the Pewter Report

I would say McCown handled this situation about as good as one could hope for. Those comments should go a long way with his coaching staff and fellow players. I’m still not convinced McCown can be the starting QB for this franchise, but at the same time I’m intrigued to see if he can silence his critics and finally take over as this teams signal caller.