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Cannon Shots: Random Links from the NFL

  • The Bucs first MANDATORY Mini Camp of the off-season begins next week
  • DT Greg Peterson has gained 30 pounds in four months to conform to Jim Bates beefier defensive line.
  • The Bucs have two defensive line coaches this year. Todd Wash will coach the defensive ends, while Robert Nunn will coach the defensive tackles. This move helps each unit get more individual attention. This is Wash’s third year with the Bucs and second as a d-line coach. Nunn has a history of working with Bates in Miami and Green Bay.
  • Remember when Anquan Boldin got jacked up last season? Well the hitting of the head of a defenseless receiver will draw a 15 yard penalty this season.
  • Speaking of hits being penalized, think back to when Warren Sapp blindsided that offensive lineman against the Packers, he lead with his shoulder, yeah that’s still considered legal. A blindside hit delivered by helmet, forearm, or shoulder to the head or neck is subject to a 15 yard penalty. Sapp hit the man in the upper region of his body/shoulder…
  • You know how you couldn’t challenge a play that had been whistled dead due to the referee’s interpretation of an incomplete pass, when in actuality the play was truly a fumble? Coaches can now challenge those plays thanks to the Jay Cutler-Chargers game last season.
  • No more stacking on one side during onside kicks, a five yard penalty will be assessed. Also if you fail your first onside attempt, the opposing team gets the ball at the 40, no more second attempts. Wedges of more than two players on Kickoffs will incur a 15 yard penalty.
  • Last season the Chargers beat the Colts in the Wildcard round of the Playoffs and because of their regular season record (8-8) will have a better draft pick this year than the Colts. The league will avoid this scenario in 2010 as Draft Slots will be based on the final standings, including the playoffs.