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Buc 'Em 2009 NFL Draft Board

NFL Scouts across the league prepare for it year-round. General Managers and Head Coaches discuss it once their respective seasons have ended. College Prospects dream about it once their collegiate careers begin. It can make or break an off-season. What is it? The NFL Draft Board:

NFL Teams basically put together a collective list of the players they feel are worthy a selection from the start through the finish of the draft. Some teams prepare their boards with over 300 players. Let's put our own NFL Draft Board together. The Bucs have a pick in every round but the second so let's project who the Bucs should take in the first round. On draft day we can monitor the board with each passing round. This in effect will help us get to know who the Bucs may or may not select on Draft Day.

Need a bank of players that will be around with the Bucs 1st Round Selection (#19 Overall)? Check this one out provided by the fellas from Mocking the Draft, SBNation's NFL Draft Head Quarters. Should we include players the football gods would NEVER allow to fall to us, like B.J. Raji? Let's put a consensus together for our NFL Draft Day Thread's. Base it on best available, base it on need, let's rank 'em...