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How Will Michael Clayton Perform in 2009?

Okay, so there are mixed feelings on the Michael Clayton signing. That much is obvious. But it's also obvious that he will remain a Buccaneer, so he's going to suit up for Tampa Bay whether any of us like it or not. If you're unhappy with Clayton's performance, that's one thing. But you can't really get mad at him for the contract. After all, would any of us turn down a deal for good money even if we thought we had underperformed? NO!!! So blame him because you don't like what he's done on the field. Don't blame him for doing the smart thing for himself and signing the deal. Anyway...

It's time to get past the deal and come to the realization that Kellen Winslow will be wearing a new number in 2009 because #80 will say Clayton above it. Because of this, it's time for yet another poll. There's a new coach, a new coordinator, and a new offense. What do you think Clayton will do in 2009? Let's hear it.