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Cutler/McDaniels meeting finally takes place, sort of; Cutler still on the trading block?

Looks like Jay Cutler is still peeved at Denver's brass for allegedly putting him on the trading block.  Cutler apparently participated in a teleconference today with head coach Josh McDaniels and owner Pat Bowlan.  From the reports, it doesn't sound like they were singing Kumbaya together.  During the call, McDaniels reportedly stated that, although they didn't intend to trade him, all players are under evaluation and could be subject to trade if it will improve the team, so things might not be done on the trade front (although I have a hard time seeing the Broncos trading a franchise-calibur QB straight up for anything less than a viable NFL QB+ draft pick(s)).  

Cutler really needs to get over the slight, as he's starting to come off as a whiny baby.  The fact of the matter is it's a business, and, right or wrong, McDaniels wanted to bring in his guy, Cassel, to run his system.  Is Cutler's attitude in all this enough for teams to back off from trading for him?  Heck no.  I'd still take him.  Due to the Broncos probably needing a higher-profile QB than what the Bucs have, it'd probably take another 3-team love triangle for the Bucs to swing a trade for Cutler.  As rare as those deals are, don't count on it.