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WR Lance Moore is a Restricted Free Agent hence no offers

So as all of you are aware, I've been coveting the Saints Free Agent WR Lance Moore since Free Agency opened on Friday. I've been confused as to why the Bucs wouldnt at the very least make him an offer... It turns out he's a restricted free agent:

"They offered Moore a one-year, $1.545 million deal, which means they would receive a second-round pick as compensation if the starting receiver signs with another team and they don't match the offer." per Black Dave from Canal Street Chronicles our New Orleans Saints blogger.

Considering we don't have a 2nd Round Pick to trade we were immediately eliminated from negotiations once TE Kellen Winslow was acquired. So basically I'm wiping egg off my face for committing the cardinal sin: 'Thou shall not covet thy NFC South competition until said athlete becomes an unrestricted free agent' ... so shame on me..

Thanks for the info Black Dave, i think