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Black Sunday: Buccaneers have disappointed thus far in Free Agency

"Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Fans should doubt. That is why they are called fans. I have to make them believe. We have to make them believe. That is our job. That is the beauty of our game." - Head Coach Raheem Morris

Welcome to Black Sunday! As you can see from above this weekend hasn't been to productive for our Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There's been a lot of smoke and no fire. Here's whats gone down so far:

  • On Friday the Bucs traded for Cleveland Browns Tight End Kellen Winslow. They have reportedly given up a 2nd Round Draft Pick (2009) and a 5th Round Draft Pick (2010).
  • On Saturday the Bucs re-signed S Will Allen to a one year deal.
  • They ended Saturday night with re-signing WR Michael Clayton to a five year $26 million dollar deal.
  • I'm pretty certain 99% of this fan base thought our Tight End situation was the least of our worries entering the off-season even if Jerramy Stevens was not brought back. With that said I'm pretty excited about acquiring Winslow. I'm well aware of his injury history and potential attitude problems, BUT he catches the ball and wears his heart on his sleeve, I welcome both of those attributes to the offense. Considering the Chiefs got LB Mike Vrabel AND QB Matt Cassel for a 2nd Round Pick, it makes you think we gave up too much for Winslow but we all know those picks wouldn't have panned out any way (Prove me wrong Raheem/Mark).

    So unless you consider $26 million and FIVE YEARS for Michael Clayton a good move, the Bucs have really struck out this weekend. Forget all of the rumors you've heard to this point (and there's been a ton of them), for a team with $61 million in cap space it's fair to say they have mightily underwhelmed thus far. Forget Haynesworth, as $100 million was insanity for a player like him, but to lose out on the Saints LB Jonathan Vilma and to not even pursue their WR Lance Moore is demoralizing for a team that needs desperate help at both positions. The fan base's defense for much of the past off-seasons is that there wasnt a Wide Receiver out there worth pursuing. This off-season is different, Laveranues Coles, T.J. Houshamandzadeh, Lance Moore, and Nate Washington all present upgrades over who we currently employ (except Antonio Bryant of course).

    Let me stop sounding like a woman scorned, all I'd like to see on Sunday at this point is contract extensions for LB Barrett Ruud and WR Antonio Bryant. I'm not even requesting a Lance Moore signing or T.J. Houshmandzadeh, I'm resigned to the fact that this organization is content with Bryant, Clayton, and whoever the hell else fits in already on the roster... What a discouraging weekend though. You release productive players in Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn and follow it up with a TE acquisition and a 5 year deal to a player that received interest from the Lions and Seahawks.. Despite all of this I'm still hopeful...