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Buc'Em Makes their Pick: DT Peria Jerry

As some of you know, Buc'Em agreed to participate in the mock draft.   After some careful consideration and thinking, and after reading some of the comments and arguments from the faithful here, Peria Jerry seemed to be the guy, especially in Jim Bates' system that relies on front 4 pressure.  I'm a believer that DT are fewer and farther between than other players to find studs, and a RB like Shonn Green or maybe even LeSean McCoy could be available in round 2 (at the Bucs' spot or by trade).  Harvin was a huge risk that we were too hesitant to take.  Many might clamor for Matt Sanchez and I understand, but Jerry was the best defensive player on the board for what the Bucs need and could really make an impact early... and more quality QBs, IMO, will be available next year.  Check out the site to see the first round so far