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Matt Cassel Trade Rumors Still Out There


Cassel has been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs as part of a package deal with Mike Vrabel. The Patriots got a 2nd-round pick in exchange.

This time of year, rumors pop up from all over the place. Realistically we could even start them here and site "sources" and probably get away with it (we wouldn't do that though). But some keep coming around again and now that the Bucs have lost out on Albert Haynesworth, they may be making a push for another big name.

The rumors are that the Bucs could be testing the water and seeing what the New England Patriots might realistically want for Matt Cassel. Tampa Bay could sign him, but if the Pats didn't match, the Bucs would be required to give up two 1st-round picks - something many of us won't be happy with. However, the cost to acquire the quarterback might not be as much as we think. New England may only be looking for a 1st-round and a 4th-round pick.

What do you think? Is Cassel even worth that much? Should the Bucs give up anything for a quarterback with only one real year of experience?