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Cannon Shots: Albert Haynesworth signs with Redskins, Derrick Ward, Kevin Jones, Jonathan Vilma

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Free Agency is OFFICIALLY upon us!!

Free Agency has begun, with it the Bucs have yet to make a roster move, but we'll keep you updated throughout the day here...

  • The biggest news of the night? DT Albert Haynesworth has signed with the Washington Redskins. He signed a 7 year, 100 million dollar contract, with $41 million guaranteed.
  • I know Bucs Fans are pretty disappointed in this news, but $41 million guaranteed for a Defensive Tackle? This isnt Julius Peppers we are talking about. That's insanity. Good luck Washington. By the way we play the Redskins next season just in case you were curious.

  • The Bucs are highly interested in the following Free Agents: LB Jonathan Vilma (attempted to schedule a visit), CB Phillip Buchanon (Rams want him as well), RB Derrick Ward (Giants), and RB Kevin Jones (Bears)
  • The Saints have already offered Vilma a contract, so don't get your hopes up to high there. at this point we still need Buchanon, Derrick Ward would add some bulk to the backfield, and the Bucs had interest in Kevin Jones last off-season, meh...

  • The Tampa Tribune is reporting the Bucs may be interested in the Falcons LB Michael Boley.
  • He would fill Derrick Brooks void at Weakside Linebacker. Boley will be 27 when the season starts and is a season removed from recording over 100 tackles. He only started 12 games last season. He and Brooks both had 73 tackles last season.

  • The Tampa Tribune speculates the Bucs may also have interest in DT Colin Cole (Packers), RB DeShaun Foster (49ers), Chauncey Davis (Falcons), and QB J.P. Losman (Bills).
  • Bates drafted Cole back in '06, he's never become a consistent starter since. We all know DeShaun Foster and his propensity to get injured. Chauncey Davis is pretty undersized, not sure why the Bucs would be interested in him. Looking at Losman's stats he appears to be pretty inaccurate: 33 TDs to 34 INTs over his five year career. At this point I'd rather they draft Freeman if they have to get an inaccurate QB...

  • Rotoworld has the Tennessee Titans interested in DT Jovan Haye...
  • You have to figure should the Titans lose out on bringing Albert Haynesworth back that Haye could be a real option for them.

  • The Tampa Tribune has the Bucs interested the following players: WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Bengals), TE Chris Baker (Jets), RB Jason Wright (Browns), and RB Maurice Morris (Seahawks).
  • I honestly think Houshmandzadeh’s name gets thrown into the Bucs interest pool purely based on the Cap Space they have. I don’t think they have a legitimate shot at signing the Free Agent Wide Receiver. We kicked the tires on Baker last week and the overwhelming majority of you didnt see him as an upgrade over Stevens. We all think the Bucs are in on the 2nd Tier of Free Agents, but the Running backs listed above are more like 3rd tier. I couldnt see them bringing in either back....