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Recently Released LB Derrick Brooks wants to continue to play NFL Football

It's Derrick Brooks wish to continue playing football... He just said as much on ESPN's NFL Live telecast!

  • Derrick Brooks said he still wants to play so long as the right situation presents itself.
  • He's ready to approach whatever challenge is thrown his way
  • It was very tough and shocking to be released.
  • Morris and Dominik told him they just wanted other guys to step forward in his absence.
  • He respects the decision whether he agrees with it or disagrees with it. He wishes the team well...
  • This is like throwing salt in the wound. I can't stand the thought of Brooks in another jersey. I understand the new staff wanting to take this team in their own direction, but the way they handled this situation was tasteless. As it is, that is the NFL in a nutshell. Despite the critics Derrick Brooks was productive for the Bucs finishing second on the team in tackles with 111. He has enough left in the tank to continue playing, should he though?