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Cannon Shots: Nate Washington, Antonio Bryant, Jonathan Vilma, J.P. Losman and Haynesworth

Free Agency is OFFICIALLY upon us!!

Consider this your Free Agency update thread. I'll be updating this post while I scour the internet. If you hear anything not posted below put it in the comments section. Go Bucs!

  • The St. Pete Times is reporting the Bucs are highly interested in Pittsburgh Steelers WR Nate Washington. Washington is 6'1 185lbs and had 40 catches, 631 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a 15.8 yards per catch stat line last season for the World Champion Steelers.
  • He doesnt have a flashy name, but in a offense that featured Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes he was fairly productive, plus he's young. I like this potential move. The downside is his camp is looking for $7-$8 million guaranteed...

  • Recently Franchise tagged WR Antonio Bryant has officially signed his tender solidifying his return to Tampa next season. The club still has until July 15 to work out a long term deal.
  • Finally some good news! I don't know that he is worth $9 million, but considering the rest of the WR's on the roster, we need Bryant's services desperately!!

  • In case you missed it the contract terms for DT Ryan Sims four year deal have been disclosed. He will receiver $2 million a season for a total of $8 million over four years.
  • Simply put it paid to be mediocre. Sims started two games last season and finished with 1.5 sacks. Bates must LOVE his size (6'4 315lbs) and his potential to clog the middle, because dang....

  • The Tampa Tribune is reporting the Bucs may be interested in the Falcons LB Michael Boley.
  • He would fill Derrick Brooks void at Weakside Linebacker. Boley will be 27 when the season starts and is a season removed from recording over 100 tackles. He only started 12 games last season. He and Brooks both had 73 tackles last season.

  • The Tampa Tribune speculates the Bucs may also have interest in DT Colin Cole (Packers), RB DeShaun Foster (49ers), Chauncey Davis (Falcons), and QB J.P. Losman (Bills).
  • Bates drafted Cole back in '06, he's never become a consistent starter since. We all know DeShaun Foster and his propensity to get injured. Chauncey Davis is pretty undersized, not sure why the Bucs would be interested in him. Looking at Losman's stats he appears to be pretty inaccurate: 33 TDs to 34 INTs over his five year career. At this point I'd rather they draft Freeman if they have to get an inaccurate QB...

  • The St. Pete Times is reporting there are strong indications that the Bucs will contact Saints LB Jonathan Vilma first when the Free Agency period begins at 12:01 (roughly 30 minutes away). The Saints have offered a new contract to Vilma, stay tuned...
  • Vilma is a Middle Linebacker so I don't know how much validity this rumor has. There's no way they cut Derrick Brooks, to sign Vilma and move Ruud out of the position he's excelled at. With that said Vilma is a beast. He had injury issues a year ago with the Jets but rebounded this past season. His signing would certainly hush the raucous that ensued when Derrick Brooks was shown the door.

  • The St. Pete Times isnt confident in the Bucs chances of landing FA DT Albert Haynesworth and they can't even conclude that the Bucs are overly interested in making a push for the monster DT either.
  • With the Bucs releasing DEPTH yesterday, it was apparent they would potentially pass on handing Albert Haynesworth $14-$16 million a season with over $30 million guaranteed for what appears to be a rebuilding franchise. As always with the NFL things can change at the last minute. At this point I'm not sure he's worth the contract considering all of the holes we have to fill.

  • Rotoworld has the Tennessee Titans interested in DT Jovan Haye...
  • You have to figure should the Titans lose out on bringing Albert Haynesworth back that Haye could be a real option for them.