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Bucs MLB Barrett Ruud surprised by news, ready for Leadership Role

JScott's thoughts yo!

And then there was one; one linebacker left to pick up the pieces. Bucs Middle Linebacker Barrett Ruud is the elder statesmen in the Bucs linebacker corps. He spoke yesterday with the fellas from the Pewter Report about Cato and Brooks getting released:

"It was a surprise; this is the tough part about the NFL. You establish friendships with people, but business is the priority in this league. That’s just the NFL. What happened to Brooks happened before [with Quarles]. It’s going to happen to me some day. I hope I can make it about 14 years before a new guy jumps in and takes my spot. The good thing for me is that I got to spend four years with Derrick and the last two with Cato. I couldn’t have been luckier to do that." - Pewter Report

Ruud on his new profound leadership role:

"Leadership is a process. I think it took Derrick a full 14 years to become the leader he was last year. Derrick commands so much respect just by what he’s done on the field in his career. I don’t think I’m going to change too much. With Derrick being gone, maybe I have to be a little more vocal, but I’m not going to yell and scream. I’m going to do what I’ve always done and maybe encourage guys a little bit more." - Pewter Report

How’s this for Ruud, he’s preparing this off-season for his upcoming contract year and he receives the added pressure of anchoring the linebacker corps with the dismissal of Derrick Brooks and Cato June. Ruud says he won’t change and I think the Coaching staff was banking on that. You don’t change what got you to the big leagues and Ruud said as much above. He’s the type of player that leads by example, should he withstand a couple rough years I can see him becoming a lot more vocal. Being the middle linebacker Ruud was more prepared for his new role and he’ll do just fine. He had already quietly taken over as ‘The Man’ on defense having led the team in tackles the past two seasons.