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Buccaneers tender LT Donald Penn putting an end to his Contract Negotiations

Donald Penn

#70 / Offensive Tackle / Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Apr 27, 1983

Utah State

While taking a break from crushing Bucs Fans hearts, Mark Dominik found the time to tender an offer to Restricted Free Agent LT Donald Penn. Having been tendered Penn is set to make $2.8 million next season. Although he can still negotiate a long term contract with another team, the Bucs have first right refusal and if Penn were to sign elsewhere that team would owe the Bucs a 1st and 3rd round pick... In other words, welcome back to Tampa Donald!

This is great for the Bucs, not so much for Penn. To be honest its the route they should have gone. He's only played for a year and a half, this allows the Bucs to see if he can play through a contract year in which the previous off-season didnt go quite his way. This also ensures that our entire offensive line returns from last season, thus strengthening their cohesiveness as a unit, unless of course they don't like each other, ha!