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BREAKING NEWS: Bucs Release Derrick Brooks and 4 others... In Related News, My Heart Just Exploded

Hat tip to TheSportsGuru for bringing this to everyone's attention a few minutes ago.  Per the Tribune, the Buccaneers cut 5 of their seasoned vets today: Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard, Cato June, and Warrick Dunn.  Folks, as you know, these are not dead wood backups they're cutting... they're guys who were either starters last year or were projected starters in the fall.  The Bucs could bring any of the above back later this offseason, but cutting Brooks is like a kick to the groin for me.  It appears the youth movement is on.  I'm pretty much speechless right now.  GM Mark Dominik will address the media later today.  For those of you in the Tampa area, if you are not in gridlock, I invite you to tune in to AM-620 for an explanation.. I still can't believe it... wonder if Brooks had an injury issue that's been kept on the downlow.  More as we hear it...

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Our Tampa Bay Buccaneers have RELEASED LB Derrick BROOKS, RB Warrick DUNN, WR Joey GALLOWAY, WR Ike HILLIARD, and LB Cato JUNE

Let that sink in for a little bit… Oh it still hurts… Nope it still hurts; oh my goodness the pain is so deep! Console me Dominik:

"We want to give our younger guys a chance to play,'' General Manager Mark Dominik - St. Pete Times

Oh that’s not helping Mark! I just want to run around the office screaming!!! Didn’t we suffer last season due to depth issues? Our guys wore down at the end of the season. Specifically the DEFENSE? Isn’t that the case? I’m not delusional in this thought process am I? If not, how is releasing our starters, OUR STARTERS, going to help improve this team? Let me stop…

  • Derrick Brooks: You are hands down the Greatest Buccaneer in this franchises history, we all think so. You deserved better than this and for that I am deeply sorry. All those years you restructured your contract and this is how it ends… Sweet Heavens don’t hate us for it.
  • Warrick Dunn: Last season you provided over 1100 yards of offense; why that warrants you getting cut is beyond me, but it is what it is. You are the reason I became a Bucs Fan. Our locker room and community will miss your character AND I will miss all of those patented spin moves.
  • Joey Galloway: What the heck happened? You went from flashing that bicep year after year in Ray Jay to completely vanishing last season to being cut this off-season. Man, my head is spinning. Here’s to you landing on your feet and one day letting the fan base in on what you endured this past season.
  • Ike Hilliard: I’m not going to lie, I disliked you coming to town early on. You’re a former Gator and quite frankly I thought we could do better. Over the last two seasons you won me over though. You were the only guarantee on offense to make that sorely needed catch. As it is I hate to see you go.
  • Cato June: We barely knew thee. Of the players that were shown the door today, your release probably confuses me the most. #1 You were brought in to play a position you hadn’t had previous success at. #2 We all assumed you would take over for Derrick Brooks when he called it quits on his own terms. #3 You are relatively young. I have to say I feel like we never got to see the true Cato as you played out of position the entire time you were here. Thanks for your time and efforts…
  • What a buzz saw. On one hand I understand these cuts as all of the players above with the exception of June were on the downside of their careers. To me Derrick Brooks transcended the franchise though. I know everyone is going to say his play suffered last season, but this is Derrick Brooks we’re talking about. He had one year left on his contract any way; why not let that chapter end next off-season? Why be so brash? So you can let the younger guys play? Who? Geno Hayes? Quincy Black? Are you serious? You think they are ready? Obviously you do and so I’ll defer to you as I’m just a fan, but this hurts.