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Haynesworth to sign with the Washington Redskins?

Posted with strict instructions from our fearless leader Captain General Scott.

There’s a report out there from a Houston Chronicles blogger that when DT Albert Haynesworth hits Free Agency on Friday at midnight it is a foregone conclusion he will sign with the Washington Redskins for upwards of a $100 million dollar contract. An insider source tipped the blogger off.

It was reported a week ago that Haynesworth’s agent recently had dinner with Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Redskins. I’ve heard conflicting reports that the Redskins have somewhere between $3-$10 million in cap space and would need to shed a couple contracts prior to signing Haynesworth. Obviously losing out on the massive defensive tackle would be a blow to the Bucs off-season free agent spending plans. There could be a silver lining in this despite the obvious loss. Of the players expected to be cut is a one Jason Taylor. If you’ll remember the Bucs were rumored to be close to trading for him prior to last season’s draft but nothing ever materialized. Before you go off on Taylor’s declining numbers and age, he enjoyed his best years in the league while being coached by the Bucs new Defensive Coordinator in Jim Bates. I wasn’t for acquiring Taylor last off-season, but if Bates can get him to return to form I might be inclined to deal with his age and other questions.

At any rate, let the rumor mill begin…