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Buccaneers WR Michael Clayton appears poised to test NFL’s Free Agent Market

Posted of behalf of JScott.

Here’s the latest on the Michael Clayton Free Agent Market per the St. Pete Times. Clayton wants to return to Tampa. As of right now the two sides are far apart in contract negotiations. Clayton doesn’t want to potentially leave ‘millions on the table’ should he forego testing the free agent market by re-signing with the Bucs for his current offer sheet. The Bucs are expected to make another offer to Mike prior to Free Agency starting this Friday at midnight.

Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times thinks Clayton will sign with the Seattle Seahawks should he reach Free Agency. Stroud goes on to say that Clayton is an elite player in this off-seasons Free Agent Receiving Class that includes T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Marvin Harrison and that his former ‘pedigree’ as a first round pick will provide Clayton with a decent market for his services. Bucs Receivers Coach Richard Mann wants Clayton to return because he does ‘all of the little dirty things’. Stroud said Mann knows Clayton’s production dipped after his Rookie season because he was consistently in Gruden’s dog house.

Everybody that frequents this site is familiar with my views on Clayton so I won’t express them any further. I’m just glad to see he may get to test the Free Agent Market. Hopefully the crazy-insane Raiders overpay for his services. We shall see…