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Welcome to Buc'Em, Yahoo! Sports Fans

On behalf of co-bloggers JScott and The Bull Gator, I would like to welcome the Yahoo! sports community to our humble site.  For those not yet aware, Yahoo! sports and SBNation have teamed up to create the uber-sports combination of media coverage and fan blogging experience all at one great stop.  A well-versed release from SBNation regarding the partnership can be read here.  There is a link on the Buccaneers' Yahoo! sports team site to our site with recent posts on the left-hand side of the page. 

I'll give the other guys a chance to jump in later to this post and introduce themselves.  I came on board here last year have greatly enjoyed sharing with this community the excitement and frustrations that come along with fandom.  I truly value takes and feedback that come from our readers (sans trolling of course), as your participation and enjoyment of the site is the lifeblood of our community.  We treat others and their opinions with respect and ask that others do the same with us.  One tremendous feature of SBNation blogs is the ability of the fan to voice his or her opinion through FanPosts and FanShots, which are essentially stories or blog posts, just like we put up on a regular basis.  They appear on the right side of the layout with the creater's name listed.  Sometimes, if we feel a particular FanPost is noteworthy, interesting, or just plain cool, we'll put it up on the front page with the stories with credit to the fan who posted.  

Another great feature about SBNation is once you choose an SBNation username and password to begin blogging on the site, that username is good for any site throughout the entire SBNation community.  You can join other NFL sites, or baseball, basketball, hockey, or college sites.  There are even golf, boxing, MMA, and other individual sites.  Really, once you sign up on SBNation, the opportunities are virtually endless to participate in almost any sports community you could imagine. 

So... welcome again to the site and we look forward to reading and learning from your perspectives as well as cranking out some fresh Buccaneer news and thoughts on a regular basis.  GO BUCS!!!