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NFL Draft Prospect: CB Alphonso Smith in case of an emergency

NFL Draft Prospect Alphonso Smith discussing his height issues:

"I’ve never been tall a day in my life and I’ve gotten this far. So I can’t do anything about it. I’m going to continue to get the question four or five years later down the road. Only thing I can say is, I make plays and I’m a pretty decent player. Every summer, I get a chance to face Anquan Boldin and Santonio Holmes when they come home. So [the height issue] really is not much to me. It’s not much of a big deal for myself, because I’m a ballplayer, and I do what I do and I do it very well." - Alphonso Smith from the NFL Scouting Combine

Alphonso Smith

5’9, 190 pounds | Wake Forest | Cornerback

Strengths: Smith is an excellent athlete with outstanding agility. Good high-point instincts to make a play on the ball. Good enough hands, Smith had 21 interceptions in his career. Always seems to know where a ball is being thrown to. Very good in zone coverage, particularly on short passes. Plays bigger than his size would suggest. Solid against the run. Excellent return man.

Weaknesses: Smith’s biggest weakness is his lack of desired height for a No. 1 cornerback. At times will take too many risks to make a play on the ball. Not the most sound of tacklers. Has some trouble taking down larger opponents due to his size. Struggles some against big receivers in man coverage.

Final word: If Smith were two or three inches taller, it’s likely he’d be consider a top-10 pick. He has optimum speed, agility and is willing to do the extras like play the run and return kicks. Even played some on offense during his college career. First team All American as a senior. Atlantic Coast Conference career leader in interceptions.

Round projection: 1

Scouting Report courtesy of Mocking the Draft

I know, I know, not another Cornerback drafted in the 1st Round. Hear me out though. Imagine a scenario in which the Bucs sign DT Albert Haynesworth and RB Derrick Ward. We no longer have the need for a B.J. Raji, Ron Brace, or a Running back like Beanie Wells. Also consider CB Phillip Buchanon has yet to re-sign and may not. Also Ronde Barber is 34 years old and not getting any younger. I'm not saying we absolutely have to, considering a situation like up above would give us the ability to reach on a player like Harvin, but never the less Smith is a good Cornerback and will be a dynamic player in this league.

Editor's Note: Let me point out how I do this for all of you Bucs Fans out there. I mean, I just promoted a YouTube video shaming my Alma Mater in Florida State. I hope you're happy.