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NFL Draft Prospect: RB Shonn Greene is a Big Downhill Runner

"Our running game is going to be a downhill and physical [group]."

- Jeff Jagodzinski Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator per the Pewter Report.

Shonn Greene

5'11, 235 pounds | Iowa | Running back

After Chris Wells of Ohio State, Greene is probably the most powerful running back in this class. Unlike a lot of backs in this year's class, he can get the tough yards and be relied on near the goal line. Shakes off poor tacklers. Real trouble if he gets in the open field to get up to top speed. Good lean. Possesses the lateral quickness to work outside the tackles. Solid blocker due to his strength.

Weaknesses: Only average speed. Unless he gets into the open field, Greene has some trouble getting up to top speed. Sat out the 2007 season and will have to answer a lot of questions about it during the interview process. Weight has fluctuated. Mostly an unknown as a receiver. Only had 11 career receptions for 72 yards. Had just one outstanding season. Will be a 24-year-old rookie.

Final word: Greene started just one season at Iowa and it was an impressive one. He finished second nationally with 1,850 yards and 20 touchdowns. Won the Doak Walker Award as a junior. Sat out a year of football in 2007 and attended prep school for a year following high school. Greene is a powerfully built back with good vision and quickness. He doesn't have great speed, however, and may be best in a rotation with a speed back.

Round projection: 2

Scouting Report courtesy of Mocking the Draft

Based on the video who does this running back remind you of? The A-Train? Yep, Mike Alstott comes to mind. He's not as big as Mike, but he appears to have as big a heart. Raheem, Dominik, and Jags all talked about becoming more physical this off-season. They could take the right step to achieving that goal by drafting one Shonn Greene come April's NFL Draft. In order to get him I think it may take a trade. A trade that could take them out of the 1st Round of the Draft. He's projected to go early 2nd where as the Bucs have a mid second round pick. They could stay where they are and maybe luck will fall their way. Do you think this drafting would be a reach?