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NFL Draft Prospect Percy Harvin has been cleared by doctors

A player a lot of Bucs Fans will have an eye on come April's NFL Draft is WR Percy Harvin. The major question with drafting Harvin has been his inability to stay healthy. For the time being he has been given a clean bill of health at the Scouting Combine after going through MRI after MRI. Percy on his status and what type of receiver he thinks he can be:

"It went good and everything is clear. I see myself as a pure receiver who can go in the slot. I can do the screens, the reverses, stuff like that." - Palm Beach Post

More importantly how does Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik see Percy Harvin's role in the NFL:

"Reggie Bush was an extremely explosive, dynamic player, but it was much easier to cast his role in the National Football League, I don't think Percy is going to have a hard time fitting in. But Reggie was such an obvious running back. That's probably why there's such a gap in where [Harvin is] going to go." - Palm Beach Post

The 40 times for the Receivers has yet to be officially posted, but it's rumored Harvin ran a 4.37 40, he reportedly ran a 4.32 40 as a freshman at Florida. For measurements sake Deon Butler of Penn State ran a 4.28, Darius Heyward-Bey of Maryland a 4.32, Johnny Knox of Abilene Christian a 4.25, and Jeremy Maclin of Missouri a 4.40 (unofficially). Here's the official 40 times for some of the WR class:

  • Darrius Heyward-Bey Maryland 4.30
  • Mike Wallace Ole Miss 4.33
  • Johnny Knox Abilene Christian 4.34
  • Deon Butler Penn State 4.38
  • Mike Thomas Arizona 4.40
  • Tiquan Underwood Rutgers 4.41
  • Percy Harvin Florida 4.41
  • Demetrius Byrd LSU 4.42
  • Louis Murphy Florida 4.43
  • Kenny McKinley South Carolina 4.44
  • I know alot of you want the Bucs to go this route, i just can't see it. He's too raw for a first round pick. He may or may not make it in the NFL, much like Ted Ginn of the Dolphins a couple years ago...