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Tennessee Titans increase contract offer to DT Albert Haynesworth

Reports have the Tennessee Titans increasing their offer to Free Agent DT Albert Haynesworth. Their initial offer was for four years and $36 million. The major sticking point wasn't the number of years or millions per year it was the guaranteed money. The Titans offered $20-$25 million in guarantees of the overall $36 million dollar offer.

As we know by Haynesworth still being on the market, he didnt like the Titans initial offer. He's reportedly seeking $35 million in guaranteed money. It's unknown how much of an increase in their initial offer was made by the Titans. I would assume it wasnt enough as Albert has to yet to sign.

$35 Million in guaranteed money is sick! He's practically the only player that would substantially upgrade the Buccaneers defensive line via free agency (since the Panthers strangle holded Peppers). At fours years for $9 million per season that doesnt exactly scare me. Especially considering Antonio Bryant is set to make $9 million himself. What scares me is the guaranteed money. Will Haynesworth still be motivated once he's been guaranteed to be fed financially regardless of his production? I think so considering his quotes to want to finish the game as the best defensive tackle ever. As we know money talks and you get the picture...