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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Free Agency Tracker

In the site's left side bar we have included a link to the 2009 Bucs Free Agency Tracker. We'll update it as news ensues. Here's a snippet:

Antonio Bryant | WR | 6’1, 205 pounds | UFA
Franchise Tagged 2/18 with a tender offer of $9.884 million for one season. He can sign that one year tender anytime. The Bucs have until July 15 to negotiate a long term deal with Bryant. Antonio can begin negotiating with other teams Friday February 27th. He cannot sign with another team however. Tampa Bay can match any team’s offer and in the event that they don’t that new team will have to give the Buccaneers two #1 Draft Picks in exchange for the rights to sign Antonio Bryant. For the record Bryant is happy with returning to Tampa, he just wants a long term deal to seal it.

The plan is to add Free Agents the Bucs may have interest in over the course of the off-season so if you hear anything or don't see a name you think should be included let us know in the comments section or send us an email to