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Mocking the Draft: Dissecting the #1 NFL Draft Pick

I know you guys are itching to discuss the Draft so let's put together our own Mock Draft for the site. Let's tackle this pick by pick so we don't get ahead of ourselves and/or overwhelmed. We're going to use Mocking the Draft's Mock Draft as our starting point. In this scenario they have the Detroit Lions selecting:

1. Detroit Lions
Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia: With five picks in the first three rounds, the Lions can take Stafford with the No. 1 pick and build the line later in the draft. Starting offensive tackles are much more readily available in this draft than quarterbacks, so Detroit can still pick up a tackle later.

When making your case for the Detroit Lions #1 Pick keep in mind that the fan base from Pride of Detroit, SBNation's Detroit Lions Blog, collectively (80% to 20%) would like to see the Lions use the pick on a position other than Quarterback. Alright so let's hear it...