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Friday Night Ramblings: Haynesworth on Bucs' Radar

.....Man, imagine what that must look like.  He must take up half the radar screen.  Anywho, Coach Morris weighed in on the possibility of Haynesworth donning a Buc jersey next season:

"I'm not even sure if it's legal for me to talk about him yet, because [free agency hasn't] started yet, but he definitely has talent, he's definitely on the radar and we'll see when that time comes,'' Morris said in response to a question about Haynesworth.

Word is that Big Albert is looking for a deal to make him the highest paid defensive player in football.  I figure the winning bidder will get him somewhere in the 5 year-60 million to 6-year 75 million range.  I'm against giving him 5 years because of his history of inconsistent play and effort.  There's no doubt his agent will push for 5, more likely 6 years.  It'll be very interesting to see how those negotiations pan out should the two parties start talks.

...Ira Kaufman has a series of stories examining the Bucs' individual units and some potential free agent improvements.  He took a look at the LB corps today.  LeRoy Hill has been tagged and would've commanded more $$$ than what the Bucs would be willing to spend at an area not as desperate for an upgrade as others.  Despite the Bates connection, no way Zach Thomas comes to Tampa.  He just doesn't make sense to bring in on a team looking to rebuild.  If anyone needs to be brought in, it's a player not on the back side of his career.  Channing Crowder, coming off a 113 tackle campaign as the Fins' starting MLB, is also likely due a higher free agent pay day than what the Bucs would be willing to spend. 

...In other random news, Jim Rome read my text on the air today as the daily unofficial "Triple U sponsor".  If you need that explained, nevermind.