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Franchise Tag Watch: Tag, Sproles Is It

The Chargers slapped the ol' taggeroo on Darren Sproles today, effectively removing one of the chic pick RBs from the free agent market.  That'll keep their potent 1-2 punch intact, but I'm kind of skeptical of the move from San Diego's perspective... essentially the Chargers will be paying Top 5 RB money for a guy who will still be a backup/change of pace back to spell the great LT.  As such, any faint hopes of the Bucs landing the undersized, but studly RB are gone.  Oh well...

Two tremendous defensive players have yet to be tagged: Oakland CB Nmadi Asomugha and Carolina DE Julius Peppers.  Peppers remains a bit of a mystery.  He's publicly stated he wants the opportunity to play OLB in a 3-4 defense, but the opportunities might not be right if he's looking to get paid and jump on with a contender that employs the 3-4, since it's far less common than the 4-3 in the league.  As such, he might end up settling for the best deal he can find if he doesn't get tagged.  Asomugha has really developed into a dominant corner in all respects.  He's fast, has great ball skills, and is a consistent tackler.  Put this guy into a lineup and feel comfortable locking down #1 WRs.  Oakland would be stupid not to tag him, but you never know.... If he hits the market, I'd say make a competitive offer for him, especially if it doesn't look like Peppers or Haynesworth will be attainable.