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Buccaneers Will Add Another QB Through Free Agency or NFL Draft

Posted on behalf of JScott.

I purposely left out a portion of the Jagodzinski Media information overload because I thought it was worth discussing separately and I didn’t want it to be overlooked. When asked about how many Quarterbacks Jags wanted to take to minicamp he said FOUR.

We currently have three QB’s on the roster: Luke McCown, Brian Griese, and Josh Johnson. Griese is clearly the Veteran so that leaves us to either signing a young Free Agent (McCown) or drafting a QB. I’m leaning toward the Draft. I hope it’s predicated on one thing: A QB falling to us in the 1st Round. I’m not sold on the Freeman kid, 34 interceptions in 35 games is hellish. I’m not trying to forecast anything; I just thought it was an interesting piece of information.

We have no idea what direction this team is going to go in come Draft Day. Anxiety builds…