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Tampa Bay Buccaneers profiled by NFL Draft Blog

Round Pick Overall
1 19 19
2 18 50
3 17 81
4 20 116
5 19 147
6 17 177
7 8 200
7 33 225

The fine folks from Mocking the Draft profile the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

There are few teams that ended the year in a more disappointing fashion than Tampa Bay.  Heading into Week 14, a Monday Night showdown with division rival Carolina, they were 9-3, tied for first with the Panthers.  They had lost their 3 games by a combined 11 points, and were looking to take a strangle-hold on the division.  Then the season fell apart in front of a National TV audience.

I remember thinking at the time that NFC South teams had only lost twice at home up to that point, so it would be tough for Tampa to win in Charlotte.  DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart ran all over the Buccaneers defense, en route to 301 yards and 4 TDs.  Tampa Bay then lost on the road in Atlanta, got blown out by the Chargers, and lost to the hapless Raiders in Week 17, where a win would have still gotten them into the playoffs.

So where does a team go after failing down the stretch?  The Bucs have 8 total picks in the draft, 1 in each round and 2 in the 7th round.  Their 6th and 7th round picks have moved around a little.  They moved up 1 spot in the 6th round, trading Dan Buenning to the Bears, after they had given up their pick in round 6 to the Bears for Brian Griese.  They also moved up in the 7th round from last year's draft day trade with Jacksonville, so they could draft Quentin Groves, but traded away their 7th rounder to the Steelers for Sean Mahan.  They also picked up a compensatory pick from Baltimore for Marques Douglas.

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