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Bucs Don't Want to Bring Jeff Garcia Back

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have notified Jeff Garcia the team will not make an attempt to resign the quarterback. Garcia - the team's starter for most of the past two seasons - will become a free agent when the signing period opens.

Although Garcia did post a respectable 14-10 record in 24 games as Tampa's starting QB, it is time for the Bucs to move on and begin the search for a long term solution. Clearly near the end of his career, Garcia is not the answer.

Get ready for a rough ride Bucs' fans. The rebuilding is officially underway.

Added to by JScott:

The quote below is why I am happy ecstatic that Jeff Garcia is not an option for this Coaching Staff moving forward:

"With a new head coach, they want somebody pulling the trigger that they can mold. Beyond that, I don't know why they're making the move."

Really Jeff, that's the ONLY reason they could pass you up? Maybe it was the (14-10) record you had as a starter here. Maybe it was because you were constantly getting hurt. Maybe it's because you never stayed in the pocket. Those are all legitimate reasons, but the #1 reason this coaching staff doesnt want you back is your pompous arrogant attitude. You came into town clamoring for the other QB's on the roster to take their spot on the bench. After one season in which you lucked into the Pro Bowl (13 touchdowns, are you kidding me? In a 16 game season? Come on. Dexter Jackson thinks that's weak) you wanted more money. You were so arrogant while here you ignored the one man that stood behind you, in Jon Gruden. This man believed in you enough to bring you to Tampa (after failed attempts in the past) and you couldnt buy into his system. You had to extend plays with your feet, deviate from the play calls, and bitch about your lack of compensation (aka attention).

Nobody questions your heart, you are a tough son of a bitch, but you, like Gruden, are stubborn. You think WAY TOO highly of yourself. There's a reason you are a journey man Quarterback and that's because you wear out your stay. You'll do the same thing if you sign with the Jets. It's in your nature. Good luck though....