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Mark Dominik: Vick not in Bucs' future



Per the Tribune, the Bucs will not be pursuing convicted felon Michael Vick, who will reportedly be released from a halfway house on July 20. GM Mark Dominik, when asked about the possibility of pursuing Vick: "No, I don't see that in our future." 

Can't blame them, but... devil's advocate... I kind of like Vick as a player in the Bucs' offense.  For my reasons, go back and check out the writing samples me, BullGator, and others put out back in August when we were seeking to join the site.  I don't have time to repeat the arguments here.  Too much beer to drink and college BBall to watch today.  That said, it's obvious how strong the public backlash would be if Vick was the lead dog (no pun intended) of the Bucs' offense.  Sponsors and family season ticket holders on the fence as to whether to renew their tix could bail.  Negative press would flourish.  The new management would be blasted.  Vick's every move would be scrutinized.  We'd have daily Vick watches from the four letter network.  Fuggedaboutit!