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Off Topic: MLB The Show 09 in STORES Today!

Baseball is right around the corner and you know what that means. . .

MLB ’09: THE SHOW!!!!:

"One thing that stands out is the timing of the game itself: The matchup starts close to sunset and as the innings progress, you'll notice the sun slowly going down, shadows lengthening across the field and eventually the park lights illuminating the diamond and stadium. While this might seem like a cosmetic change, it's a nice addition as are the idle cutscenes, which seem to have a bit more personality this time around. This year seems to include players talking to each other as well as the Phillie Phanatic stomping up and down atop a dugout and getting the crowd rallied. However, the most amusing parts are the umpires, who seem to be a bit more creative. So far, I've seen umps take bats from players and pretend to jack homers out of the park as well as reel in large fish using the bat as a rod." - previewing MLB ’09: The Show

The game is expected to be released on Tuesday March 3rd. If you love the Mets or Devil Rays be sure to check out Amazin Avenue our New York Mets Blog and DRaysBay our Tampa Bay Devil Rays Blogs for all the SPRING TRAINING goodness you can stand!!!