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Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Franchise Tag Antonio Bryant?

Posted on behalf of JScott.

Speaking of Wide Receivers, Free-Agent-to-be in Antonio Bryant has yet to resign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Other teams can legally and officially begin to court him February 27, still a good two weeks away. A question arises though; the Bucs have until February 19 (next Thursday) to apply the franchise tag on him. All of us can easily say sure slap the franchise tag on him, that pretty much guarantees he remains in Pewter and Red next season as nobody is going to give up two first round picks for a WR that may have turned the corner after one season. It’s not that simple though. This guy is very conscious, in that I mean he takes things to heart. Remember when he got mad at a couple announcers who talked about his questionable past? He felt disrespected and rightfully so, but if you tell this guy we are taking any possibility you have of seeking the best possible contract you could seek and/or a situation you truly want to be in, hmm I don’t know, I’d say watch out. Would you franchise Antonio Bryant?