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Michael Clayton to Return to Tampa Bay Buccaneers...

Everything is right in the world again, for Free Agent WR Michael Clayton that is. Throughout the season he was adamant about testing the Free Agent waters and appeared to be heading out the door without ever looking back. Check out his comments after recently being asked if he would like to return to the Bucs now that the guard has changed:

"I feel great about the direction of the Bucs and would love to be a part of things there," Clayton said. "I hope it all works out." - Tampa Tribune

We have all seen flashes of brilliance from Clayton. From his rookie year to a great catch here and there to a bonecrushing block. The problem is consistency. During training camp, we heard he was over the dropsies. And then came the preseason. And then the regular season! Clayton has the ability, he just have to have his head 100% in the game. Can a new coaching staff get that out of him?

Added to by JScott:

I know the majority of you are beyond giddy with these comments. I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it too; maybe Clayton will be a different player when he’s in a situation he actually likes. To that I have to say do you really think he can change his game? The guy is notorious for dropping balls and killing drives, will being happy truly change that dynamic for him? I’m not so sure. Also, if Clayton is brought back and McCown has already been resigned to essentially starter money, is Raheem and Dominik content with the team we had? Are they saying they can get better results from the same players Gruden had? And if not are they bringing players back because they have a good or close (aka friendship) rapport with the player? I’m a bit unnerved by this. The reason Gruden/Allen failed is because they trotted out players that weren’t exactly world beaters. I understand in a real world setting like my job that I would perform better in a happier atmosphere, but we’re talking about million dollar athletes here. Obviously I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I’m leery. Like MEGA leery. What have you?