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Jeff Garcia: "It seems unlikely that I will get an offer"

In response to the Luke McCown signing, Jeff Garcia offered some insight as to his future with the team to the Tampa Tribune today:

It looks like they have decided to go in another direction with the signing of Luke," Garcia said. "I'm happy for him and his family. He has worked hard and is a talented player."...

"We'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks but it seems very unlikely that I will get an offer," said Garcia, who will turn 39 before the free-agency signing period begins.

Coach Raheem Morris on Luke's signing:

"Luke is a talented and athletic quarterback who we have gotten to know well over the last four years," Bucs coach Raheem Morris said. "I know he is looking forward to the opportunity to be an integral part of our quarterback group this season."

Mark Dominik (NOT Bruce Allen) took a detour around the issue, saying the Bucs are still talking with the agents of all the players slated to become free agents. It doesn't sound like the guys are ademant, at least publicly, about endorsing McCown as their guy.

I read a comment on another site that someone made about 39-year old Garcia that I found appropriate: keeping Garcia is like skipping over your meat and vegetables at dinner to eat your sweets right away. Garcia is the best option for the short term, but sticking with him long term goes against the growth and long-term well-being of the team. With the Bucs having 3 QBs under contract, it seems even more unlikely they bring Garcia back, as I envision all 3 likely to make the active roster.