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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2009 NFL Draft Order

Bucs 2009 Draft Order
Rd. # Player Position
1 19 (20) -- --
2 50 (53) -- --
3 81 (83) -- --
4 116 (115) -- --
5 147 (160) -- --
6 178 (175) -- --
7 200 (238) -- --
7 225 -- --

To the right you will see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2009 NFL Draft Order, you can also find it permanently in this site's left sidebar. The selection slots aren't much different from last season. The major difference is that we will have a 6th round pick this year, as last year's pick was traded for RB Michael Bennett prior to the Draft. We also regain our 7th Round Pick that was traded for retired QB Jake Plummer an off-season ago. We've also accumulated a Compensatory Draft Pick from the Baltimore Ravens in the trade that sent DE Marques Douglas out of Tampa.

If you're also wondering 'Hey JScott didnt we trade a pick or two for Brian Griese/Sean Mahan'? We did, but we also got those picks back when we traded Dan Buenning to the Bears and our draft slot in the 2nd/5th round during last off-seasons draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you see any discrepancies let me know and we'll get the selections edited... Last years slots are shown in closed parenthesizes.

2009 NFL Draft Order via SBNation’s Denver Broncos Blog: Mile High Report