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Jet Memories Countdown #3- The Payback

Yesterday we went over Jet Memory number 4, When John McKay in his last game as a Head Coach tried to get James Wilder the ball back at the end of the game in order to get him 19 more yards to set an NFL record. He had his chance,  but came up short; but he got his chance because McKay ordered his linebackers to backup and let the Jets score a TD.

Jets players took offense to this act though..although no one knew if they would because a lot of players were new to both teams, as were the new coaching staff. 

So here we are the next year, 1985, and the Bucs were having a worse year than before. They were 0-9, and finally won a game 16-0 over the Cardinals. So a happy 1-9 Bucs team traveled up north to take on the Jets. Terry Bradshaw and Verne Lundquist were calling the game, and the Jets were all over the Bucs. Verne asked Bradshaw if players remembered the year before! You will love his answer before and after the first half!

The score at the end of the first half was the same score as the game the year before; 41 to 21, only reversed!..and at half time!

In the end, the Bucs gave up the most amount of points they have ever given up. They lost 62 to 28, and the best part is the Bucs scored first!

Twice! It was 14-0 Bucs before the Jets knew what happened. The Jets had us right where they wanted us!