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Jet Memories countdown; Number 4- Take a touchdown, no really, have one. Merry Christmas.

If you think Jon Gruden embarrassed Bucs fans nationwide when he went for a FG against the Steelers in 2006 to avoid a shutout, you havn't seen anything yet. The rematch for that game is not until next year, but back in the 80s, a rematch could happen at any time, and it did.

Head Coach John McKay had already announced his retirement. He would never coach again.

James Wilder was about 19 yards from an NFL record, and he needed the ball back. Problem was, the Jets had the ball with little time left. If only they could score.

Light Bulb.

McKay gave the order, Bucs linebackers, do what your name says, back up..and that they did, giving the Jets a touchdown. Video of this game does not exist, its one of those Bucs holy grail games that maybe one day we will find one day, but for now, this footage is all that survives and it shows the play in all of its brilliance! 

For those of you familiar with this event, you know all too well what tomorrow's Jet Memory is. 

Revenge is a dish best served cold!

By the way, James Wilder never did get the record. Jet defenders blanketed him.  This 41-21 win, is the last time Tampa Bay has EVER beaten the NY Jets.

Tomorrow....The Jets get Payback.