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Even at 1-15, no guarantee the Bucs can get 1st pick.

He is a favorite to go in the top 5 if not #1 overall. Which team wouldn't take him, and which teams would?
He is a favorite to go in the top 5 if not #1 overall. Which team wouldn't take him, and which teams would?

Even if the Bucs commit themselves to having the most losses in franchise history, the Bucs will likely still lose out on the chance to draft with the first pick in the NFL  draft. After  his performance in the Big 12 championship game, Defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh is first on the list for Bucs fans this offseason, to join the Pewter Pirates in April. But even if the Bucs lose out the rest of the year, and end up with a 1-15 record, worst in club history for total losses, (They went 0-14 in 1976) that still does not guarantee them the first crack at picking Suh. Thats because by NFL rules one of the first tiebreakers for the draft is strength of schedule, and the Bucs has been a doozy. Meaning, they are supposed to lose all these games, but the Rams and Browns with their easier schedule should have won more games, and thus they will pick ahead of the Bucs if they both or either finish tied with Tampa Bay at the end of the season. 

We have to root for the Browns and Rams.

In as much as we hope for a win this year, that means we need the Brownies and Rams to win twice then! What are the chances of these teams winning one more game and giving us first place in the Suh-weepstakes?

Cleveland Browns- Probably the best chance to win a game here. They play on a short week this Thursday home against the Steelers who have lost 4 straight. After a full 10 days of rest, they play at Kansas City, and return home to finish off the season playing the Raiders in the  Bruce Gradkowski Bowl. 

St. Louis Rams- This is a little tougher, but its possible. They play Sunday at Tennessee, which is probably going in the Titans favor, but remember the Rams are playing bad teams close. Then they Host the Houston Texans which is winnable. The final game of the year is at Arizona, and you have to hope that the Cards are resting all starters after the regular season playoff spot and division title should be won by that point.

So there you have it.

US? We host the Jets, play at New Orleans who now has a two game lead for the NFC home field, and that game would be the clincher, and then host the Falcons last game of the year...who may still be in it at that point.

Jets are our best chance at a win wouldn't you say?        

In 2006 the Bucs beat the Browns and then required a coin toss to determine draft order. Cleveland won the toss, and took Joe Thomas left Tackle. We took Gaines Adams. Lets get Cleveland this time guys.