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2nd look at Freeman & Bucs big day on offense

There was an interesting list in the St. Pete Times of Bucs Quarterbacks with the most interceptions. Believe it or not, 5 isnt the record! Steve DeBerg has the most with 7 against the 49ers in 1986. Lets take a look at the list again...

Steve DeBerg 7 Sept. 7, 1986 49ers 31-7 L

Vinny Testaverde 6 Oct. 23, 1988 Vikings 49-20 L

Josh Freeman 5 Sunday Panthers 16-6 L

Vinny Testaverde 5 Nov. 4, 1990 Bears 26-6 L

Vinny Testaverde 5 Dec. 3, 1989 Packers 17-16 L

Vinny Testaverde 5 Sept. 4, 1988 Eagles 41-14 L

Doug Williams 5 Dec. 9, 1979 49ers 23-7 L

Not a big deal, each name here is someone special in Bucs History. Doug Williams was a winning QB for years, taking us to the playoffs 3 of 4 years here, and the team went 2-14 after he left. Steve DeBerg was QB for the Bucs best offensive year 1984 (Tied at 10th in offense with the 2003 team). Vinny did not take the Bucs to the playoffs, but he had an arm, and once he left, he had great years with the NY Jets. He had no one around him here. 

Then I saw another list, that had something funny in it.

1. 573 yards at Minnesota (11/16/80)
2. 483 yards at Indianapolis (10/16/88)
3. 476 yards at Miami (10/20/85)
4. 475 yards at Cincinnati (10/29/89)
5. 469 yards at Carolina (12/6/09)

This list is the most offensive yards in a game in Bucs history, and its from the Pewter Report.  What stands out to me are the Quarterbacks that I remember to have started each game.

Top one was Doug Williams, who had a 467 yard game on 11/16/1980 in Minnesota (Outdoors mind you, before the HHH Metrodome). 

Numbers 2 and 4 are both under Vinny Testeverde. Number 3 was Steve DeBerg, who threw 4 TDs to Jimmy Giles, still a Bucs record for  most TD Catches in one game. 

Notice the similarities between the two lists? Same names. There have been dozens and dozens of Tampa Bay Quarterbacks, but these guys managed to come out on top on two offensive record setting lists.

Josh Freeman appears to be in good company.