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From a Freeman 5 interception day, an A B point of view.

Its not the best film clip, but it is a fantastic angle that was caught by Fox cameras. 

Its a view from the end zone, right behind where Antonio Bryant was when the ball was thrown.

If you can take out the Fox Graphics in your head, you can appreciate the point of view. 

According to the reports of the Press conference, Freeman was supposed to look off Beason who picked the ball off, so Bryant would be open. From this angle, you can see what Freeman was looking for; or at. Truely, if Beason had been looked off, this would have been 6 points. 


See the 4th Qtr 4th & Goal option photo after the jump.

Yes the game moves fast, here was one case where locking in on AB would have been a big plus. 


AB Shook off his guy and was open, just behind the ref where the A starts in Carolina. The throw was picked off when it was thrown to the other side of the field.