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Enemy Flashback- The Fall of the Bucs!

Thats was here, our Little Big Horn, where the Bucs came to show the nation they were for real, and the NFC Southern Division lead was for the taking. The hype was deserving.

The effort wasnt.

The Carolina Panthers ran all over the Bucs for almost 300 yards rushing (they put on another 250 plus this year in Raymond James too) and the season fell apart. Four losses later, the Bucs were not only out of the drivers seat, but out of the playoffs; The first team to ever go 9-3 and lose 4 games in a row and miss the 'tournament'.

It spoiled a great day for two Bucs favorites; Antonio Bryant and Cadillac Williams. Returning to the scene of his horrific knee injury last year, Cadillac had no idea he was only 3 games away from doing it all over again, or a season away from being a feature back again. This score in the video captures what must have felt incredible for him.

Bryant had the biggest day of all, going over 200 yards receiving, something only Mark Carrier was ever able to do.

This year, both players will be looking to get redemption, and use THIS game as a springboard to bigger and better things. Enjoy the flashback from a Bucs persepective.